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In addition to his private practice and writing, Dr. Steve devotes himself to teaching, lecturing, and sharing his wisdom on the connection between metaphysics, medicine, and healing. He offers a monthly lecture series, “Tuesdays with Dr. Steve,” in Manhattan, sharing insights from his new book, Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health: Metaphysics and Medicine for Mind, Body, and Spirit (Praeger, 2007)Visit www.meta-md.com for more.

He is also available for guest lectures and teaching. If you would like to invite Dr. Steve to speak at your event or inspire your group/organization, please contact us. Dr. Steve speaks on many compelling topics and can adapt his talks to your group.

The Healing Series
Dr. Steve discusses how people can heal through any emotion -- happiness, gratitude, sadness -- and ways they can balance mind and spirit to help heal physical ailments and emotional pain. There is more to well-being than medical treatments and science. Dr. Steve explores one's ability to affect healing from within.


Connecting the Mind and Body: Metaphysics and Modern Medicine
Dr. Steve has almost 30 years experience practicing traditional medicine. It is in the last decade that he began his own transformation from a traditional doctor to a physician who also cares about the soul of his patients. He helps his patients heal through metaphysics and can enlighten any group on how to deal with the non-medical causes of pain, illness, and stress. Dr. Steve explores ways modern medicine can benefit from incorporating metaphysics.


Mind Over Matter: Addiction Management Through Metaphysics
Addictions come in all varieties, from drugs to food, from gambling to shopping. Some of us are addicted to complaining or to being martyrs. Whatever the addiction, Dr. Steve believes the only way to truly cure it is to incorporate a balanced, metaphysical approach to treating the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Steve explores the possibilities for self-healing addictions of all kinds.


Introduction to Metaphysics
What is "metaphysics"? Dr. Steve has taught this topic at college, and he can adapt it for any audience. He begins with the basic question all humans have “why are we here?” and helps guide participants to a crucial understanding of how life is, indeed, what we make of it. This is a great first step to understanding metaphysics.


The Meta-Physician's Toolbox: How to apply metaphysics in your practice
Dr. Steve talks directly to fellow physicians, holistic practitioners, and professional healers about how to introduce metaphysics and spirituality into their practices.


Inspiration for Nurses

Dr. Steve has always had great respect for the empathy, compassion, and skill of nurses. He works hand-in-hand with them, has learned so much from them, and has a special rapport with the nursing community. He believes nurses are natural metaphysicians. His lecture series for nurses helps empower and encourage them to nurture their own skills of intuition and natural healing, as well as comfortably explore their spiritual experiences.


What Stress Really Does to the Body
Dr. Steve sees time and again how patients manifest physical ailment because of their emotional unhappiness and spiritual imbalances. He discusses the ways stress and anxiety manifest in our bodies as physical pain or illness and outlines a host of symptoms that, while real, originate from dis-ease in our lives. Most importantly, he gives tools and tips for helping us learn to deal with stress in a positive, powerful, life-affirming way.


Curing Our Palliative Care System

As a physician who is often called to extend the end of life or deal with the issues families face when a loved one is dying, he has strong views on the importance of accepting death as a natural part of the healing process and making it easier to let our loved ones go when it is meant to be.


Lessons from Kabbalistic and Buddhist Approaches to Healing

As a student of Kabbalah and of Buddhism, Dr. Steve adapts each tradition individually, or together, to explore key elements in healing and dealing with health, life, and death issues in both traditions.


Exploring Near-Death Experiences
Steve discusses the multiple cases he's been privy to and explores the various theories surrounding near-death experiences.


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