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Dr. Steve is a board certified, traditionally trained physician with a metaphysical point of view about healing. He is author of Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health: Metaphysics and Medicine for Mind, Body, and Spirit (Praeger Publishers, 2007). Visit www.meta-md.com for more.

He is uniquely qualified to address the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of health, having both a degree as a medical doctor and a degree in Religious Studies. He has also been in private practice for almost 30 years, so his medical expertise and experience, combined with his spiritual perspective on health, make him perfectly suited to discuss a wide range of timely issues related to mind, body, and spirit medicine.

What makes Dr. Steve's perspective unique is the metaphysical approach he blends with traditional medicine. This is especially helpful for individuals who have exhausted the usual medical avenues to healing – or have become exhausted and lost in current attitudes regarding medical care. It is useful for anyone who seeks a complementary approach to healing but may be confused about all the extraordinary claims of some alternative therapies which seem too good to be true. He also addresses the concerns of those who are ready to consider that stress, emotional pain, trauma, unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, and feeling disconnected spiritually can be causing physical and mental distress.

Outside of his medical specialty of gastroenterology, Dr. Steve can expertly discuss the ways our mental and spiritual health affect our physical well-being in general - from grieving, accepting loss, dealing with stress, feelings of depression, and end-of-life concerns. Dr. Steve can also discuss the mysteries surrounding death and near-death experiences, as well as the powerful role spirituality plays in the process of healing.

Consider the following story ideas or contact us with a specific request.

Curing vs. Healing: When is a Physician a Healer?
Dr. Steve spent years practicing as a physician before he realized that, despite his work to treat disease and sickness, he wasn't really trained to heal people.  As a product of the traditional approach to medicine, he was trained to view the patient as a machine suffering from some undisclosed mechanical failure. His goal was to be the best diagnostician possible, to identify the defective organ or organ system with the goal of prescribing the appropriate tests and subsequent medication to treat and hopefully cure the patient. Although he realized on some level that patients had other dimensions to their being -- personal, emotional, even spiritual -- these did not factor prominently in his approach to patients and their complaints. The profound realization that he had not been a healer at all became a great awakening for him. Through sharing his own journey and explaining how he has incorporated this new awareness into his life and practice, he can motivate others to become more open to all aspects of their being. He will demonstrate how crucial it is for individuals to take charge of their own well-being, participate fully in their own healing, and adopt the courage to do so.  


Creating Our Own Health Reality

Our beliefs deeply affect our health. Dr. Steve can tell us how we can adjust our attitudes and understanding of life to improve our health and happiness. For example, the individual who sees life as difficult, overwhelming, and punishing is not likely to appreciate life’s moments of joy and beauty.  This kind of person tends to add to his own suffering and spread gloom to all around them.  On the other hand, the person who regards life as a joy and a challenge will undoubtedly experience more balance and peace in their life.  He encourages people to seek the deeper meaning in their lives and therefore add to their own health and vitality.


Healing in the Age of Addiction

For those who consider themselves free of addictions ...don't be so sure.  Addiction is just another term for habitual behavior which we adopt in order to relieve anxiety and frustrationAnything we do can be or become addictive if approached without mindfulness and awareness.  This includes being addicted to substances, material things, people, experiences, feelings, and anything else that we may use to take ourselves from ordinary reality. There are many things we “use” to reduce anxiety, dampen fear, and temporarily get high. Like most forms of human behavior, what distinguishes pathological behavior from a "variation" of normal is a matter of degree and interpretation.  Dr. Steve can look at the biological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction and how to replace self-destructive behaviors with spiritual awareness.


Why Spiritual Growth Can Be a Challenging Process

Dr. Steve can address a common human experience, a place so many of us have visited: that sense of feeling lost, confused, and without direction or hope. When in a crisis, it can be difficult to believe that we can transform fear into an adventure in learning. When in pain, it may be tough to consider that life’s “side excursions” may actually be opportunities for exploration and growth.  He can explain why we needn’t be frightened by a path with many forks in the road and many unanticipated events.


Death as a Transition, Not a Tragedy

Just the thought that we, and everyone we love, will cease to exist is enough to shake us to our very core. It taps into our deepest, most powerful fears—our own mortality, as well as that of those we love and cherish the most. For most of us, the thought of death produces immediate fear, sadness, even despair. Over a long career in dealing with death and dying, Dr. Steve has come to know that death does not always equal suffering, nor is it always a “tragedy.” The awareness of this truth is a notion that can bring powerful healing to our lives. Acceptance of this notion can transform our fear of death and make our lives richer, fuller, and more productive.

Gut Feelings: How Stress Can Manifest in the Gut.
The tiny nerves that line our digestive tracts react to stress and emotional pain almost instinctively. These "tiny brains" detect stress before the "big" brain does. That "nervous" feeling in your stomach is an example of this. Dr. Steve can discuss this phenomenon and offer tips on how to "listen" to your gut.

Weight Loss Through Metaphysics?
There are about a dozen new diet products out there claiming to help the body deal with stress-induced chemicals that cause the body to retain fat in the midsection. Are these claims legitimate? What happens when we apply the wisdom of traditional metaphysical practices to our habits of eating itself? How can maintaining awareness at all times lead to weight control?  Dr. Steve can answer these questions and address other related causes for weight gain.

Embrace Your Inner Metaphysician

Many of us find our way to metaphysical wisdom and understanding after traumatic events or medical crises that awaken our souls to search for life’s deeper meanings.  You can give yourself a head start by starting your own metaphysical journey – now! You don’t have to wait for a challenge or a catastrophe to bring out your Inner Metaphysician.  Dr. Steve tells how.

Exploring the Mysteries Beyond Death’s Door.
Dr. Steve has collected dozens of compelling experiences from people who have had extraordinary spiritual occurrences in their lives. He has documented them in his book Meta-Physician On Call for Better Health and can share stories of life after death, reincarnation, and a few things that go bump in the night that will make the hair on your arms stand up. Dr. Steve can detail these accounts and offer some explanation of the mystery of the afterlife and how this profound awareness affects our healing in the present moment.

If you would like to talk with Dr. Steve about these or other related topics, please contact us.

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