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Dr. Steven Hodes' articles have been published in dozens of healing-oriented magazines, such as Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, International Journal of Healing and Caring, Well Being Journal, Alternatives Magazine, Whole Living Journal, In Light Times, Of Spirit, Spirit Crossing, Soulful Living, Pathways Within, Inspiration Line, Sure Woman, and many others. Follow the links below to view articles.

Articles Published

A Panic Attack of the Gut - Pathways Within magazine

Help Loved Ones in Crisis - OfSpirit.com

The Courage to Heal - SoulfulLiving.com

Dr. Steve's column, Meta-Physician on Call:
Meta-Physician on Call - Making the Connection between Body, Mind, and Spirit - SpiritCrossing.org

Blog Articles

There are numerous up-to-date articles and commentary available at Dr. Hodes blog: www.meta-md.com. Some examples are below:

Metaphysics and Weight Loss

The Metaphysics of Terrorism and Fear

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