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1. What is metaphysics?


2. How does metaphysics relate to traditional medicine and science? Are they very different from one another or complementary?


3. How can you tell if a patient’s ailments are caused by metaphysical issues (such as stress, emotional turbulence, spiritual imbalances)?  


4.  What do you believe is the anatomy of an illness – how does it turn from a non-serious health issue to a disease that must be treated?


5. Is there such a thing as a near-death experience? What is traditional medicine’s stance on it, and what’s yours?


6. Do you believe that we can  “pray [or meditate] away” discomforts and disease?


7. Can you explain your distinction between “alternative medicine” and a “holistic” approach?


8. Would you say that most gastrointestinal disorders can be related to stress or emotional pain?


9. Why is it the gut is often the first to feel the effects of our metaphysical imbalances?


10. How did you begin incorporating metaphysics into your practice? You have almost 30 years experience as a traditional doctor – what triggered this change?


11. How does traditional medicine generally view metaphysics and spirituality?


12. Why do you so strongly believe in each person’s ability to heal themselves?

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