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Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health: Metaphysics and Medicine for the Mind, Body, and Spirit 

Publisher: Praeger Publishers (November 30, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0313348391
ISBN-13: 978-0313348396



Advanced Editorial Reviews
"It is not often that you will find a physician who has the openness and humility to share his own journeys of discovery through personal awakenings and decades of experience in helping others to deepen their understandings of why they are here on this earth and what their lives are all about. You will find yourself vastly enriched through this excellent book." - Daniel J. Benor, MD, ABHM, Editor, International Journal of Healing and Caring

"In earlier times, doctors were often as concerned with the spirit and the mind as with the body. Steven Hodes is a very modern doctor who has returned to that tradition. He explores so much that modern science and medicine dismisses or ignores: spirituality, religion, every aspect of dying, death and possible afterlives, the explainable, and the mysterious. Read this fascinating book and follow Hodes on his journey; read it with an open mind and begin your own journey." - Andrew Nagorski, Newsweek International senior editor, author of The Greatest Battle.

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About the book...

Steven E. Hodes, M.D., was initially trained in traditional, high-caliber medical programs that led him through graduation at the Albert Einstein Medical School and to a fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital. But many years later, he saw something vital missing in his approach to healthcare.


"I was trained as a physician, not a healer...taught to view the patient as a machine suffering from some mechanical failure. My purpose was to be the best diagnostician possible," he explains.


Then events occurred that opened the eyes of this now veteran physician to deep insights about the mind-body-spirit connection. That "awakening" moved him to a metaphysical view of health--a view more spiritual than religious but still firmly grounded in science. He also began to see himself as "meta-physician," a doctor transformed (meta) by this new awareness.


In his new book Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health, Dr. Steve describes his journey to becoming a "metaphysician on call."  He points out profound, yet simple, observations and beliefs that affect our perception of the nature of reality--metaphysics--which, in turn, can largely affect our well-being in all senses--body, mind, and spirit. We all can and should take responsibility for our own well-being on all levels he explains. "This book is designed to inspire us to ask our own questions and gather our own evidence to enhance all areas of our lives and well-being to find healing and peace."


Dr. Steve explores how we can create our own reality, for example, how we can turn crisis or fear into an adventure in learning or how we can turn pain into an opportunity for exploration and growth. He teaches us how to become "open-minded skeptics" and take our own metaphysical journey so we can each find better health in body, mind, and spirit.

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